Health & Beauty Shop


Welcome to Limon Shop. 

A place filled with pure and organic products of the highest quality. Carefully chosen brands that feel incredible and have lasting benefits.

Natural - Organic - Vegan - Fair trade - Toxin free

Skin - hair -  body -  makeup - nails - baby - cleaning - candles - tea

Mukti Organics - Eco Luxe Skincare

Rasasara Skinfood - Organic Ayurvedic Skincare

Nelumbo Artisan Skincare - skin & body care

Eco by Sonya - Certified organic body care & tan

Pearl Bar - Natural & eco friendly oral care

Noosa Basics - organic deodorant, hair, lash & brow care

Yarok - Natural & vegan hair care + styling

Pure Papaya - Multipurpose natural balms

One Seed - Organic Perfume

Sparrow Soap - natural, handmade soap

Josh Rosebrook - Organic skincare

The Australian Natural Soap company - shampoo bars & soap

Winterwares - essential oil candles

Simply Gentle - organic cotton pads, tips, balls


Amazing Oils - organically sourced magnesium flakes and oil

Little Innoscents - organic baby care

Caim & Able - magnesium scrub & oil

Bugsey Bee - reusable bamboo wipes

Inika - Certified organic & vegan make up

Luk Beautifood - Natural & toxin free lipstick

Dr. Bronner's - organic soap & body + hair care

Zoya - 10 free nailpolish

Bass - Bamboo hair & body brushes

Go Bamboo - Cotton buds

The physic garden - skin, sleep, body, pregnancy & baby balms

Bodecare - Eco Friendly dry body brushes, nail and face brushes

Noora Hair - shampoo bars

Jack n’ Jill - bubble bath & toothpaste for children


DIY Area & workshops

We have set up a lovely corner for you to buy single ingredients if you are a DIY lover like us!

Available organic raw ingredients

Base oils = sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, shea oil, olive oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil

Butters/waxes = cocoa butter, carnauba wax, mango butter, shea butter

Clays/powders = activated charcoal, cocoa powder, white clay, french clay, bentonite clay, pink clay

Salts/scrubs = magnesium flakes, dead sea salt, bicarb soda, pumice, coconut sugar, rosehip exfoliant, epsom salt, ground coffee

Upcoming workshops:

Facial & Skincare Workshop:

SOLD OUT. 21/7/19. 10am-12pm Sunday. Tickets and information here.

SOLD OUT. 30/7/19. 6pm - 8pm Monday. Tickets and information here.

Please email us if you would like to go on the cancellation list.

(Next Facial & Skincare Workshop not until October)

Natural Perfume Masterclass with Liz Cook from One Seed Perfume:

11/8/19. 10am-1pm - tickets and information here.


Limón Spa


Right next door we have a wonderful organic day spa, where you can experience our quality products on your skin and get pampered without the nasties. 

Facial - massage - body Treatment - waxing - tinting
manicure - pedicure - makeup - spa packages